Talking makes me sleepy

Talking makes me sleepy

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"Talking makes me sleepy" (dansk: Snak gør mig træt) is a hand made collography art piece. 
Collography is a printing method like linoleum or litography. These collography pieces are made by cutting the motiv into cardboard and then making a print on high quality paper in a press. 

All prints are different because the cardboard structure changes slightly everytime a print is made. All prints are numbered and signed on front. Number 1 is usually very sharp and clear in the print while number 20 will appear very tough. I have made 20 pieces.
The process for each print is very long and takes several days from beginning to dry print. 
Delivered in an envelope. 

Paper Size: A4 cm

Ink: Charbonnel Soft Black

Signed and limited edition of 20.
Left: 20 pieces. 

Frame is included in price.