Seven Fish in a Bowl

Seven Fish in a Bowl

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"Seven Fish in a Bowl" is a hand made collography art piece. 
Collography is a printing method like linoleum or litography. These collography pieces are made by cutting the motiv into cardboard and then making a print on high quality paper in a press. 

All prints are different because the cardboard structure changes slightly everytime a print is made. All prints are numbered and signed on front. Number 1 is usually very sharp and clear in the print while number 30 will appear very tough. I never make more than 30 pieces and therefor they are called "originals". 
The process for each print is very long and takes several days from beginning to dry print. 
Delivered in a hard envelope. 
Frame is not included.

Paper Size: approximate 40 cm x 40 cm

Ink: Charbonnel Soft Black + Charbonnel Blue

Signed and limited edition of 30.
Left: 19 pieces.