How to order an illustration

If you wish to buy a custom made illustration or a series of custom made illustrations from me, if either you are a private person, a company, a magazine or a small business, you always have to write me an e-mail with the following details:
- What is it for
Is it for a magazine cover, an article, packing design, a commercial, a blog, a wall...
- What should it be like
Do you have any ideas? What is the motive? Attach files if you have pictures. Colors. Size.
- How many
How big is the issue (magazine, book, posters, commercials). Or how many do you need from me.
- How do you want it
If you are a private person, how do you want the illustration (framed, copied, or the original)? If you are a company which file type do you want to end up with and what resolution.
Business costumer
Please send me an e-mail answering the questions above.
I will then write you back with informations and prices.
I do magazine illustrations, packing illustrations, book illustrations, wall decorations, interior illustrations and so on.
the prices will depend eg. on how many (issue), how big it is (eg if it is a wall), what is is for and how detailed it should be.
Private customer
If you are a private person, and want a costum made illustration that only YOU have (in the whole world, wow!), please write me an e-mail with your request, and you will recieve information on prices and important information.
My prices starts from 800 kr (approximately 110€).
I do mostly pets, portraits, flowers, or things of importance to a special person eg wedding rings or bicycles.
If you wish an illustration made into eg. an invitation, cards, or something else, the price will depend on 'how many' and sizes.
I do tattoos too. Well, I do not do them, but I make the illustrations for them.
If you wish to have me making a tattoo for you, the prices are the same as with custom made illustrations. Please send me an e-mail with ideas and details.

If you have seen one of my previous illustrations and wish to have it as a tattoo I hope that you will buy the illustration first. I live from all off your purchase and nothing else - but, having one of my illustrations made as a tattoo rocks!! Please send me a photo :)
Speciel illustration for private customers
If you have a more special request eg. bike helmet paint job, bike shoe paint job, wall decoration in your home, please send me a photo in an e-mail of the object and your idea. Then I will send you some info back.
If you wish for me to paint your wall in your home, the price will depend on colors, time and size.